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7 Thanksgiving Gifts That Will Make Your Pup Thankful

7 Thanksgiving Gifts That Will Make Your Pup Thankful

Are you puppy-prepared for a festive Thanksgiving? Check out these 7 awesome gifts to spice up the holidays! If you see something you like for your pup, click the image to check it out and order. Some prices vary by size. 

1. Costumes

Nothing says Thanksgiving like Turkey. Your pup will be the life of the party dressed as the cutest hunk of meat in the building!

After dinner your pup might be the first settler on the couch. Have him own it with pride! 


Or her :)


2. T-Shirts

A less expensive option than the costumes, these shirts will let everyone at the table know what's on your pup's mind. Mmm pie...

1st down! For a nap...

How can you not feed me when I look this adorable?

Best day of the year!

3. Dresses

You always look your best for Thanksgiving, why can't your little one dress up for the occasion too?

Where's the camera? I'm ready for an adorable photo shoot!

4. Bandanas

Simple, festive, cute, and doubles as a bib!

5. Collars

6. Leashes

7. Festive Treats

These look so delicious don't forget they're not for you! Your pup is going to be extra appreciate that they get to join in on the day's feast.

Thanksgiving-flavored Gunny Sticks - Let your pup enjoy what the humans are eating with these treats that taste like ground turkey, cranberries, mashed potatoes, and Thanksgiving spices. No jealous puppies left behind!

Do you have anything special for your pup this Thanksgiving? Share with us in the comments!

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